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When you find an echo of your own thinking in a book, then the feeling is quite pleasant. Not because of vanity, but because of the fact that there are people who think similarly, who try to find simple answers to complex questions. So in the novel "Zone", which I published in 2016, one of the characters thinks like this: “I think the whole universe is the result of one huge mind, one huge, powerful consciousness of which we are a part. Detached from it, we go through various lives in which we are completely independent in decision-making, in the notion of Good and Evil. At the end of our physical death we return home, we return to that Consciousness and become a part of it again. We carry with us both Good and Evil as gifts of return and the amount of good and evil of our soul will determine the happiness and state of that Consciousness. It’s all in us, it all exists and can’t be ignored. Therefore, when people call out God for some atrocity, they should know that he did not do it, that only they, as parts of him, can decide and only they bear the merit and punishment, because they are He. " "Isn't that theory of yours a little blasphemous?" Ika couldn't resist without burning him. "It is not. She only says that we all came from the same divine source and that we all return to the same estuary. She also explains those simple messages; love your neighbor and all people are brothers. The more we respect the idea of Good, the better will be the house in which we live and the Consciousness to which we return and from which we will flow again. " "If we are born with evil in ourselves, then man does not bear the guilt for his sins?" Ika alluded to the past event. "You're setting things up wrong. We are all born with the germs of Good and Evil and that is why we are responsible for our own actions. That start in life is common to us. Language, culture, common history, worldview is what makes us different. " He hugged Ika and for a while they sat in silence indulging their thoughts in some eternal things. With his novel The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown has once again shown that he is a master of the story. But I would hardly engage in reading an extensive novel just because of an interesting story that it does not provide anything else, that its content is flat, without the layers that in this book also abundantly bestows its reader. So in the novel you will find thoughts dedicated to Baron Trenk and the Croatian tie, a little discussion about tattooing, a lot about Freemasons, about the hidden possibilities of the human mind, about the power of its creation and destruction, about science, about the miraculous powers of man. , banished to the domain of the subconscious. Everything you read will lead you to think that the true evolution of man takes place only on the spiritual plane. You may think heretically that even this plague that is shaking the population of the 21st century has been sent to man to direct all his spiritual powers and release the congested potentials. But only man decides whether to activate his abilities to help the progress of mankind or, as so many times before, to turn the wheel of history backwards. Dan Brown takes you to special places of human construction whose descriptions you will certainly not skip, because he has the power to bring into the description the magic of human thought that has painstakingly penetrated over the centuries to a mind that will accept and launch it into the world. despite the dullness to which it is exposed, and even the weapon called - excessive consumption… Think about it. An excellent translation of the book is signed by Petar Vujačić, and proofreading by Boris Postnikov. If I wanted to find fault with their work, it would be a playful word that does not exist in that form in the Croatian language corpus. Tekst Marije Juračić na engleski jezik preveo je Steve Woodward. Tags: philosophy Oznake: filozofija

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